Sustainable beverage packaging

2019 / Catherine Maier, Luisa Danzer, Rosalie Junghahn, Mia Ellerstorfer

pain points composite packaging

Low recycling rate due to ignorance and disinterest

Complex separation process necessary

Lack of transparency of the raw materials contained

NEEDS kant

Animation of the user to recycle

Enable pure recycling through conscious separation of materials at home

Education through transparency of the raw materials used

kant 2.0

Foldable variant for on the go. After consumption, the bottle can simply be squeezed together to save space in your bag or at home in the recycling bin.

Strascheg Award

Kant received the Strascheg Award 2019 in the category best business idea from a university class.

Articles about Kant on Packreport.de, packaging-360.com and hm.edu.

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