MAN bridge

Interface Design

2021 / Mia Ellerstorfer

As this project is subject to confidentiality only part of it can be shown.


Iterative development and design of a user interface concept for context-adaptive display and operation of vehicle functions in commercial vehicles, taking into account user and hardware requirements.

The project is subject to confidentiality and may not be published. The contents presented go into the methodology and procedure in the concept development. The final concept is not shown.


The main tasks included design and development of user interface elements such as menu structures, additional icons, transitions between use cases, feedback on the status of functions as well as a fall-back level. In consideration of ergonomic aspects and human factors the concept was created for implementation in a current MAN vehicle. Through research on the topic of commercial vehicles and context-adaptive displays the overall user experience has been designed in accordance with the guiding principles of usability, safety and efficiency.

Implementation area

The HMI concept has been implemented in form of paper- and digital-prototypes. During the project the concepts were tested in a real commercial vehicle at an excursion to the MAN Truck&Bus Forum. Several presentations, e.g. in front of the cooperation partner, and elaboration and documentation of the final designs concluded the project.

Menu slides

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