Matta Bags

Product Design

2021 / Mia Ellerstorfer


Matta Bags is a modular utility bag system for outdoor adventures, little get-aways and more consisting of a silicone belt and bags in different shapes and sizes. As the bags are made of food friendly and dishwasher safe silicone food can be put directly into these bags without further packaging. For meal prepping Matta Bags may also be stored in the fridge until needed.

For different use cases you can add smaller, larger, more or less bags to your belt or even combine two belts for a longer strap.

closure system


Many people wish for their bags to be more adjustable for different kinds of use. Whether they go for a walk, go hiking, exploring new cities or shopping. As Matta Bags are made from silicone they offer weather resistance while keeping its look simple to suit in every situation. Smaller bags are made for holding the most important things like smartphones, keys, money or tissues. Larger bags can hold your jacket or work stuff.

more flexibility regarding usage and several small storage parts for things to be reached faster and easier…

lightweight, waterproof, adjustable

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