Product Design for SCHOCK GmbH

2019 / Cate Maier, Nadja Rohrmüller, Mia Ellerstorfer


SCHOCKBlock is the multi-tool for small spaced kitchens. With its combined functions, like draining tableware and preparing and chopping food it’s helping you keep your space organized. Even if not in use it provides some space and makes your kitchen look nice and neat.


Munich is living on small space. More than the half of its 1.5 million residents is living in a single-household. Up to 2030 it is expected to increase to two-thirds due to a combination of social and demographic factors. Therefore the average household-size keeps falling.


thousand households


persons per household


percent single households


squaremeters per person


SCHOCKBlock is especially made for those small kitchens in single-apartments. With the ability to close the draining part with the cutting board you won’t lose working area when there’s no need for the rack.

SCHOCKBlock Sketch


SCHOCKBlock can be used open for draining cutlery, tableware and more or closed for cutting and preparing food. The parts can also be positioned separately e.g. with the cutting board next to or across the sink to save some space in your working area. If not in use the SCHOCKBlock may be stored sideways as a closed and neat looking box element.

positioning examples


With early iteration we made a few prototypes slowly adjusting the height and spacing of the draining rack to obtain firm hold while ensuring for different tableware to fit. The overall size matches the SCHOCK sink „Mono“ and most other sinks as these measurements are standardized. This is the final prototype.

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